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Ear Irrigation

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Remove build up of ear wax


Usually instant but may vary from client to client




From £40

What is Ear Irrigation?

Everything you need to know.

Struggling to hear? Earwax irrigation could be the answer.


​Your loss of hearing could be due to a build-up of ear wax otherwise called Cerumen. Ear wax is a normal body secretion it provides protection against infection and foreign bodies such a dust particles. As a defence mechanism for the ear, the wax can unwillingly make your sense of hearing dulled.​

During ear irrigation, warm water is squirted into the ear canal using a special machine that can specifically control water-pressure. This then dislodges the ear-wax, which should simply flow out with the water. A patient information leaflet explaining the procedure, possible complications and aftercare will be sent to you prior to your visit.

Results are usually immediate if the wax is dislodged however if the wax needs further softening another treatment may be necessary


*Preparation with ear drops are necessary before treatment – this will be discussed with you before your visit.