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Can I have laser hair removal when I'm on my period?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

I have a lot of women message me asking if they need to rearrange their appointments because its that time of month, the short answer is No!

I can totally appreciate some may find it uncomfortable when it comes to that time of the month, however ladies don't fear it's natural and I get it, all I advise you to do is wear a tampon. Its that easy and really doesn't have to be embarrassing as I see it ALOT!

Not a lot of people know this but hormones really do change skin sensitivity even when it comes to pain-free laser treatments. Potentially a week before, during and a week after your period you may find your laser treatments slightly uncomfortable for this reason. I will always do my best to work with you and ensure I adjust the laser setting accordingly, ensuring you are as comfortable as possible during your treatments.

If this isn't something you are comfortable with I am always happy to rearrange your appointments (within the 24hr cancellation policy terms)

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