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Why Choose Laser for Hair Removal?

Updated: May 23, 2021

Ok, you can call me bias because I have opened up my own laser clinic however I truly believe in laser treatments and know it will continue to lead the way in the beauty industry, based on global stats it proves that laser is still a growing marketing. The results for hair removal can be outstanding and life changing and overall cost effective. What I love about laser is it is so versatile, you can treat many different concerns with different types of lasers such as tattoo removal, hair removal, thread veins, spider veins, acne, rosacea and other skin treatments.

It may seem like laser treatments are expensive but in comparison the average women will spend up to £17000 on hair removal in her lifetime on other non-permanent treatments out there such as IPL for hair removal, waxing, threading, shaving, epilators, so maybe laser hair removal doesn't seem so expensive after all, as you will definitely get a lot of bang for your buck.

I can speak from my own personal experiences as I have personally been through the monthly waxing grind! Every month I went to a well known waxing bar on Bond Street in Central London for a brazilian and paid £50 a time! Yes it was painful! After I found out the cost of laser sessions I decided to give this a try as it wasn't anymore than what I was paying for a brazilian wax. So talking from the other side as a client I had my bikini area, underarm and legs lasered and I can genuinely say I was shocked to see how quickly my hair had disappeared, another great thing about it was how quick the treatment was, for my whole bikini area it took 15 minutes!

I have always been quite a hairy person with a little extra hair in places that I deemed it shouldn't be so having laser hair removal totally changed my confidence when I was around my partner or wearing a bikini. No angry in-growns , no rough stubble, no shaving rash and the idea that I will never have to worry about needing to shave has gone!

Honestly people with hair issues what are you waiting for!?!

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