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Masterclasses & Mentoring

Have your recently qualified as a Laser Therapist but are not feeling comfortable treating specific areas or just need a little more training to boost your confidence?  Our masterclasses and mentoring sessions are designed to guide, advise and ultimately build your confidence to perform laser hair removal and tattoo removal.  Laser treatments can be dangerous if they are not carried out properly thats why we are here to help.


Our SkinFix Laser Therapist, Owner & Mentor Loren will turn a  nervous Therapist into a confident Laser Therapist with our structured classes that offer, advice, tips & tricks and building on the knowledge you already have as well as receive continued support with our exclusive online Facebook community page where you will meet other Therapists and can ask questions.

Course Content

What to expect from your masterclasses

  • You can choose between a group class or if you prefer  a private 1 - 1 class.

  • Practical advice from a qualified industry laser professional.

  • Advice on how to grow, manage, run and grow a successful and profitable laser business.

  • A great opportunity to network with other professionals within the laser and beauty industry.

  • Live full body demonstrations including facial and intimate areas.

  • Tips and advice from our laser experts.

  • How to achieve the best results on all skin types.

  • Safety & policies overview.

  • Question time with our experts.

  • Course certificate (this is not an accredited course or laser qualification - just further laser training).

  • Lunch included.

  • Access to our exclusive Facebook community page for ongoing support.

Loren Brown SkinFix Laser Clinic


Our mentoring sessions are not just for Laser Therapists but for anyone looking to get into the beauty industry! Our Mentor Loren has built a flourishing and very successful laser clinic and business from scratch; on her own whilst juggling life, 3 young children, training laser hair removal for a global laser corporation Smart Group and studying all whilst running a busy business! 
Your online 1 - 1 mentoring sessions are structured to focus on you, your business desires, sticking points and struggles.  Our aim is to boost confidence and remove the hurdles that maybe stopping you from progressing - it's all about positivity, solution and action.  Loren is here to support and advise you on the areas of businesses you maybe struggling with such as motivation, loss of direction, marketing, social media, gaining new clients, business growth etc.
Mentoring can be a continuous support process or you may find 1 session has worked wonders. Our mentoring options are here to suit all needs.  

Our Masterclasses & Mentoring Services

Frequently Asked Questions

1 /Can anyone sign up to your laser masterclasses?

No, only people who are qualified within laser hair/tattoo removal or have actively been performing laser treatments. However we do offer a course for total newbies who are looking to start their own beauty/laser business - click here to find out more!

2 /Can anyone sign up to your business mentoring sessions?

Absolutely!  Our business mentoring sessions are for anyone! You could already run a business but maybe at a sticking point and are struggling to overcome obstacles stopping you from moving forward in business or you could be a newbie either way we offered a structured approach and step by step guide on how to start up and everything in between to pushing past obstacles that are holding you back! 

3 / Are your masterclasses and mentoring sessions held in person?

Our masterclasses require you be physically present as it a practical and hands-on session.   You can choose to do a group session or 1-1 session..  Or if you require for us to come to you in your clinic location please email us for a bespoke quote.  

Our business 1-1  mentoring sessions are all online via Zoom. Again if you require sessions in person please email us for a bespoke quote.

4/ Are your masterclasses accredited?

No our Masterclasses are purely for further practice and building confidence in many different areas relating to laser hair and tattoo removal.

5 / What happens if I miss my masterclass or mentoring session?

As long as you have contacted us by either phone or email at least 48hrs prior to your session then we will happily reschedule your session.  If you fail to provide at least 48hrs notice we reserve the right to refuse to reschedule your session and keep any monies paid to cover the cost of our training expenses

6 / Where do you hold your masterclasses and mentoring sessions?

Our masterclasses are held at our Laser Clinic in Northampton (NN1 5LU)  and our business mentoring sessions are held online via Zoom.

If you require a mentoring session in person or require us to come and deliver a masterclass in your clinic please email us for a bespoke quote.

Get A Bespoke Quote

If you require a bespoke session, i.e require a Masterclass to be held in your clinic or a mentoring session to be held in person please contact us direct on the form below for a personalised quote.

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