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How does laser tattoo removal actually work???

In a nutshell and talking in terms that anyone can understand I will explain how laser tattoo removal works and the benefits over other methods of removal.

You may have seen a tattoo that has aged and faded with time, this process is a natural occurrence due to our bodies immune system trying to remove the 'foreign body' ink pigments from the skin. The body will constantly try and remove the ink pigments but due the large molecular size it is unable to do so, this is where we step in with our ND Yag Q-switched laser AKA tattoo removal laser!

This laser is very specific for tattoo removal as it generates a thermal acoustic reaction which shatters the larger ink pigments into smaller pigments allowing the bodies immune system to naturally remove the shattered pigments out of the body via the lymphatic system. Super simple process!

Unlike other methods of tattoo removal, laser is a very safe and non-invasive method compared to microdermabrasion, salabrasion, surgical excision, acid and tattoo removal creams which are all known to have bad side effects and leave unwanted results such as scarring. Laser tattoo removal is the most preferred method due to the minimal impact on the skin and its downtime. When you have had your first session you will instantly notice a white 'frosting' where the laser has penetrated the skin, this is a good sign as it shows us there has been a reaction. After 10/15 minutes this frosting will disappear and you will be left with pin prick red spots on the treated area, the area itself may look red, bleed a little and swell slightly again this is all normal. Its vital to keep the treated area clean at all times, avoid chaffing and rubbing on clothes, keep moisturised and allow to scab. Once scabbed again keep moisturised to avoid the area drying out and becoming itchy, the area usual returns to normal after 2/3 weeks post treatment.

The main question I hear on a daily basis "does laser tattoo removal hurt?"

The true answer is it can be uncomfortable and is very varied from client to client and their pain thresholds. Ultimately laser tattoo removal is a very quick treatment so the discomfort is a temporary short lived sensation. Overall my clients can't wait to come back because even after 1 laser session you can see results and a difference in the density and colour, you can see it for yourself if you head over to our success stories page!

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